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BubblesAt Top That Publishing we have been inspired by many amazing picture storybooks over the years and we hope our books will encourage you to be creative too!  To help get you started, you can now download a variety of fun activity sheets based on your favourite Top That titles.  We will be adding more picture book activities regularly, so check back soon!


  • Hattie Peck

    Hattie Peck

    'Hattie Peck' is a heart-warming tale of triumph in the face of adversity and is a perfect bedtime story.  If you enjoyed reading about Hattie's adventures, finding all of the abandoned eggs in the world, then we are sure you will enjoy these colouring pages, created by the author and illustrator, Emma Levey.

    Hattie and Croc Colouring Page

    Hattie and the Waves Colouring Page
  • Shadow Puppet

    My Shadow

    Featuring the writing of Robert Louis Stevenson, author of 'Treasure Island', and the distinctive illustrations by Sara Sanchez, 'My Shadow' is a humorous story about a child's preoccupation with his shadow. Print-out and make a puppet of the boy featured in the book and recreate the story yourself!

    My Shadow Puppet
  • Noisy Foxes Colouring

    The Very Noisy Foxes

    A family of noisy foxes find out that the grass isn’t always greener in this fantastic storybook, written and illustrated by award-winning artist, Amy Husband. Download this colouring page featuring the three very noisy foxes from a very noisy city and make them very colourful!

    The Noisy Foxes Colouring Page
  • Always There Bear Colouring

    Always There Bear

    First-time author, Trudi Granger, perfectly captures the magical relationship that children enjoy with their cuddly toys. A child will take their bear everywhere! Download and enjoy these colouring pages featuring the Always There Bear in four fun activities!

    Always There Bear Colouring Sheets