The Tragic Tale of Dwayne the Eating Monster

    Part of the Lift the Flap series.

    The tragic tale of Dwayne the Eating Monster is a hilarious lift-the-flap tale from Top That Publishing, ideal for boys and girls aged 3+.

    Dwayne, the michievous, greedy monster, has an appetite which just grows and grows! Comical illustrations and lift-the-flaps bring the humorous tale to life as both Dwayne and his meals get bigger, and bigger, and bigger ...

    Written and illustrated by Valentina Mendicino, the comical story and illustrations will captivate little monsters everywhere!

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    Additional Info

    Valentina Mendicino
    9 781782 440932
    Publish Date:
    10th May 2013
    • Book size: 254 x 254 mm
    • 24 pp
    • Full colour
    • Hardback
    • Lift-the-flaps