A Trip to Busy Town

Part of the Pull the Tab Board Books series.

Discover the things that go that are hiding on the pull-the-tab sliders in this hardback novelty board book for children aged 3+.

Featuring bold, full colour illustrations of cars, trucks, boats, aeroplanes and many more vehicles, the different types of transport in this book have been crafted to look like embroidered textile elements and will help to introduce young children to machines from the wider world and will teach important first words, too. Ten sturdy novelty pull-tabs add to the preschool learning fun and discovery.

Illustrated by Steph Hinton, the pull-the-tab range of books by Top That Publishing was a finalist in the Best Preschool Publishing range at the Progressive Preschool Awards. The high-quality cover finish and robust board book pages are perfect for little hands and make the books ideal as gift purchases.

Take A trip to Busy Town for things that go novelty book fun for preschoolers!

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Additional Info

Steph Hinton
9 781782 445036
Publish Date:
15th February 2014
  • Book size: 203x203 mm
  • 12 pp, full colour
  • casebound board book
  • 5 double sided pull-out leaves
  • .