Hattie Peck *Willow Tree*

Part of the Picture Storybooks series.

Hattie Peck is a heart-warming picture storybook from Top That Publishing about triumph in the face of adversity. A perfect bedtime story for boys and girls aged 3+.

Little Hattie Peck loved eggs! Big ones, small ones, speckled ones. All she wanted was an egg of her own. One day Hattie left her cosy coop on an adventure to find all the abandoned eggs of the world. And find them she did! But what will happen when they hatch? 

Hattie Peck is written and illustrated by the enormously talented Emma Levey. 

Hattie Peck reached the finals of the AOi Awards in 2015.

All Top That Publishing storybooks are printed on superior paper stock and benefit from special cover finishes making them perfect to give as a present or gift.

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Additional Info

Emma Levey
9 781782 444787
Publish Date:
8th February 2014
  • Book size: 254x254mm
  • 32pp
  • Full colour throughout
  • Paperback