Cat and Dog *Willow Tree*

Part of the Picture Storybooks series.

'Cat slept in the day. Dog slept at night. But every evening they met for their daily scrap.'

After their biggest fight ever, Cat and Dog decide to come out at different times. And guess what ... they miss each other!

Cat and Dog is a fun-filled picture storybook from Top That Publishing that shows boys and girls aged 3+ they should learn to accept others ... even if they are a bit different!

Written by Helen Oswald and illustrated by Zoe Waring - whether you're a cat person or a dog person, you're sure to be a Cat and Dog person!

All Top That Publishing storybooks are printed on superior paper stock and benefit from special cover finishes making them perfect to give as a present or gift.

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Additional Info

Zoe Waring
9 781784 452865
Publish Date:
10th July 2015
  • Book size: 254x254mm
  • 32pp
  • Full colour throughout
  • Paperback