Big City Kitty

Part of the Picture Storybooks series.

When Kitty the cat finds herself lost and all alone in the big, noisy city, everything seems scary - the shadows, the city sounds, the traffic, the stray cats. Will Kitty learn to be brave and find her way home ... the best, safest place in all the world?

Written by Susie Linn and illustrated by Lindsay Dale, Big City Kitty from Top That Publishing is a delightful picture storybook, cleverly illustrated to make it a real page-turner with a surprise ending. Ideal for girls and boys age 3+.

All Top That Publishing storybooks are printed on superior paper stock and benefit from special cover finishes making them perfect to give as a present or gift.

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Additional Info

Lindsay Dale
9 781784 456641
Publish Date:
3rd March 2016
  • Book size: 254x254mm
  • 32pp
  • Full colour throughout
  • Paperback